My big chop afro

The big chop and my new afro

mireille afro frizzy hair black hair full

going natural silky shea hair butterBelieve it or not, I cut my hair! How funny, many a friend of mine even got angry, but I really wanted something different.

I had enough of coming up with something new every time. I just wanted an easy getup-n-go haircut. Of course the easiest is to braid, but I just didn't feel like it, so ..... went in the scissors.

And believe it or not, more than half of it is gone, but I'm wanting to enjoy my hair. Now I just wear a short little simple afro. In the morning with my head in the shower is unbelievably fresh in the summer. Now that the dead ends are gone, the afro comb goes through smoothly. Just a little bit of Silky Shea through it and viola I'm presentable again.

My husband's reaction was the funniest. Now you really have an afro, he said with an admiring look. Maybe he also had had enough of my unstyled messy forest that I too often walked around with. While I was supposedly still shaping my afro he said: What are you doing? Stay away from it! There is nothing to arrange. It's just perfect. Well, I wouldn't say that myself, but it's been a while since I've felt this great with a new hair cut.

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