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The versatility of Frizzy hair

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Most people with frizzy hair relax to make the hair smooth and appear "representative". relaxed hair is real veryhigh maintenance and the chance that the hair will break due to this chemical hair treatment is high. After my natural bunch of frizzy hair was reduced to the minimum for the umpteenth time, I decided to let nature take its course and just wear my hair frizzy. 

But what do you do with frizzy hair, how do you treat frizzy hair? Quite a search, but the possibilities turned out to be endless. Looking for the ideal haircut, minimal time commitment, maximum result, something like wake up and go, I have almost allstried it out, braids, Kwi-Kwi ba(Herringbone), the wave, you name it. The book frizzy hair; what you need to know and more, explains about the care and the pros and cons of each hairstyle, from Maureen du Toit's relaxer to the Dreadlocks from Davids.

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My daily cut


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twist out
for the variation


twist variation


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just very different


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