My first Frizzy Haircut

Flat Twists

In the photo my very first professional haircut in America, Flattwists. It was also the first hair show ever visited in New York and my first ever professional photo shoot.

first-flat-twists-mireilleHairdresser Netu was looking for models for the hair show. As a model you got a free haircut so I and my never straightened hair were there like the chickens.

Photographer Keston Duke took photos for all the models who entered and that's how I ended up with a photo of this event that took place in 2002. I was also able to use the photo for the cover of my first book, Kroeshaar, wat je need to know and more. Who remembers that? Click on the link if you want to refresh your memory:  Report of the Publication of the first Dutch Book on Kroeshaar

As you can see, this is a timeless hairstyle. It is always possible for any occasion. After that I often went to Netu. Each time it was just a little bit different.

I soon realized that Frizzy hair is never the same. I have never managed to make Flattwists myself. Maybe I'm not handy enough or I don't have enough patience.

Very soon I came to the conclusion that you should just leave some things to professionals, don't you think?


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Now I'm curious about your opinion. What do you think of this hairstyle? Old-fashioned or is it still possible?

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