Fun with Headscarves and Headwraps for frizzy and curly hair

Fun with Headscarves and Headwraps for frizzy and curly hair

Headscarves have fascinated me for quite some time now. Here in New York they can be admired in all colors, sizes and models.

 Every population group sometimes wears a "wrap", as they are called here. From the orthodox Jewish women whose religion dictates that they have to cover their hair to the Greeks, Russians and Chinese who pull out beautiful traditional headgear for some festive occasions.



Of course they can also be admired among African Americans. going natural scalp conditioning sprayExcept for convenience and because it simply looks beautiful, for most of this group, headscarves also show the connection with the motherland Africa, where they often not only belong to the clothing, but were also worn as jewelry by king and queen.

plain.jpgIn any case, headscarves are functional, easy and often also beautiful. In the winter, they can protect against both the cold and the static heat of the heater, and in the summer they can prevent your hair from being baked by the sun's rays. But even if you just don't feel like doing your hair for a while, they come in handy, especially if a hair experiment has gone wrong.

Inspired by the environment here in Brooklyn, I set to work myself. By copying a lot and asking for an explanation here and there, I have a little bit of an idea how to make a basic wrap. Although tricky, it is not really difficult and practice makes perfect. The result depends on the material and the amount of fabric used. See my experiments here.

For me, nothing is as easy as the lady's wrap. It's a 2.99 pre-shaped headscarf that you just can't wrap around your head the wrong way. It always looks good. You don't even have to think about it. Ideal if you want to go out on a Saturday with unkempt hair to do some shopping or something. I prefer to wear it this way. I bring the ends from the back to the front, cross them and tie them at the back, so that it fits comfortably and does not shift.




Almost as easy is a scarf made of stretch material, usually polyester. The advantage of stretchy fabric is that it stays in place, it does not slip off easily. Plus, you don't have to be an expert to make it look good. If you find a nice color that matches your clothes, you basically just need to be able to tie a knot and you're done. A scarf finished with fringes or roujes can give the whole something extra. You can just tie it from front to back, but also wrap it from back to front. You just have to play with this and it won't take long before you will be satisfied with the result.


going natural silky shea hair butterMaking wraps with stiffer fabrics like cotton, viscose, and even silk are a different story. The choice of colors and patterns is endless and you can really make something beautiful out of it, but it takes some practice to create a nice wrap without visible pins.

To prevent the scarf from sliding off and to keep my hair in place, I already put a scarf on before I start "wrapping". You can also make your own cap from old pantyhose and put it on your head before you start making the wrap. Place the end of the cloth approximately in the middle of your forehead. Hold the fabric in place with one hand and wrap the rest of the piece around your hair with the other. Make sure the piece crosses and overlaps the front start point nicely and keep wrapping until the end of the fabric.


Finish by tucking the end of the fabric into the wrap. If you are afraid it will come loose, use a hairpin to secure it.


You can make your own variations by, for example, just letting a part hang loose as above.
You can also be creative with the front as below; the same scarf is folded in half for a change.

top1.jpgI hope this inspires you to create your own personal wrap and I am curious about your experience with wrapping. Will you let me know?

Do you also have a nice haircut, unique wrap or good beauty tip that you would like to share with the visitors? I like to hear from you. Mail us your idea complete with photos and explanation. There is a good chance that you will be here with the next update.

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