Fun with braids, box braids for frizzy hair and curls

Short break. After so many different haircuts in a row, my hair wants to rest for a few months. hence: braids!


loose braids

Wow I missed my braids. When I decided to stop relaxing I wore this a lot of extensions because I didn't know what to do with my own hair. In the beginning they were still full braids, braided all the way to the end. Until I discovered this one where the extensions are braided a bit further than your own hair. The rest of the extension can just hang loose. For me this was even better. The braiding time was reduced by half. Ideal.



This is truly a get-up-and-go hassle-free hairstyle. The care is so easy. Weekly just "wash" ie not with a conditioner, but with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo. If you wash braids with extensions with a regular shampoo, it often leaves a residue. Although your own hair is protected by the extensions, the shampoo remains between the hair and the extensions. Fortunately, there is plenty of shampoo in stock.

Also very important is the Scalp Conditioning Spray. This counteracts a dry scalp and flakes. It also stimulates hair growth by pampering the hair roots with herbs and minerals. I sometimes forget that, but my scalp asks impatiently about it. Even before my head starts to itch, the Scalp Conditioning Spray. Taking a shower with your head or a hot oil treatment also works wonders. 

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