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her diary; Hairstyles for medium long frizzy hair


0t7n4n4v.jpgHair products used: Silky Shea Hair Butter

going natural silky shea hair butterDespite the fact that I spend almost all day working on her, I hardly have time to do my own hair," Timre man oso no hab bangi " (the carpenter's house has no benches). To be honest, I'm not the type to care too much about her appearance. I think being healthy is the most important. So I exercise to keep my body and mind healthy, but I also do the basic things to keep my hair healthy and to look reasonable. So I go for little hassle and low maintenance.

This is one of my basic hairstyles, 2 kwi-kwi-ba braids and a center part. The divorce still takes some practice, but the quibbles are going pretty well, don't you think?

To prevent the braids from coming loose, I decorated them a bit with wooden beads at the bottom.

Shelf life: 3 days to 1 week

Recently, against the advice of my old hairdresser, I had my hair pointed. It's really a myth that you don't have to cut your frizzy hair unless you have dreadlocks, but that's a whole different story. Naturally frizzy hair also has crushed ends, you can often feel them. If the ends of your hair feel uneven, you know you have dead ends. But you notice especially when unbuttoning that it is time for a haircut. The knot is not there yet or your hair is tangled again. Split ends keep the hair from knotting, making it even more fragile.

Gused hair products: Silky Shea Hair Butter en Herbal Styling Gel

My book describes in detail how you can make Bantus yourself. I had this done professionally for a change.

A lovely summer haircut, airy, low maintenance and multifunctional.

If you sleep with a headscarf in the evening, it will last for at least 2 weeks. After that you can still walk with twsts and a twist-out for a few days.

The Bantu hairdresser passed with flying colors. For the first time I fell asleep while my hair was being done.

Gused hair products: Silky Shea Hair Butter en Scalp Conditioning Spray

For years I have worn extensions, this is low maintenance. It's just "get up and go" and if done right, your hair will continue to grow.

To give myself and my hair some rest, I wanted a haircut that could last a little longer for a change. Not a new haircut for a few weeks, but just rest for at least 2 months. A haircut with extensions.

Shelf life: 2 months sessions.

Unfortunately, these cornrows were braided way too tightly. This was before I found the aforementioned Bantu hairdresser. This hairdresser will never see me again and for now I have had it with extensions.

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