the best from the webshop

odi Odi, everyone (Halo everyone)

So those were exciting weeks for me and now it's getting even more exciting!!

The last week is over, I have to be honest that I'm going to miss the assignments, it was nice to receive an assignment every Tuesday with a deadline. A bit Mission Impossible, starring Consuela Kroes and others instead of Cruise :), but I'm going to miss it.

The week of the advertising products, I then opted for the gel, because I've never heard of Gel for frizzy hair, so I thought I'd give that a try and see how it turns out. It's different because gel is slightly smoother than hair oil and firmer than moisturizer so I was really uncomfortable in the beginning (5 minutes), then I went through my hair like a spear and applying the gel. and remember the hair must be wet. I was surprised because it didn't stick and it didn't leave any fibers in my hair. the following was the result. How would the hair sit and wouldn't it get hard, if those Chinese noodles were soups in those cups and in plastic containers. And finally, what I forgot to do is keep an eye on the time, if the time has come, my hair has a locks effect :). I can't believe it, but it's actually just like the Studioline they use for Smooth hair, only the Herbal Gel is for every hair type, especially for Frizzy / curly hair. A big 10 from me.

Then I completely changed my structure in terms of structure and covered everything with red and green cloths. This made it easier to take pictures. that was also a physical workout. It was the turn of the turban. Just like how I describe it with the photos of Misskroeshaar, as one of the best products in the shop and I will do that again. it is very convenient and you can put it on at any occasion. I cooked with mine, cleaned it and the postman came by to bring some so I opened the door with it too. It is a multipurpose turban and I think it will serve every woman well. Definitely recommended, so order it quickly with those other products and let us know what you think. Also take a look at the photos of the Miss Kroeshaar election week 1, how the turban fits. PS it dries really fast once you wash it and you don't even notice you're wearing it.

good luck and greetings