the rain in my hair, make me smile

oh yeah i forgot too

honor Yesterday"

I'm on the bus just got off campus, it's raining so my hair is wet. Because I wanted the sun to shine so badly, I didn't bring an umbrella. And yes you know how it goes with frizzy hair, don't you. so I wasn't as happy as before. I walk to the stop they have moving road works so even less happy, the drops are getting bigger, my smile is almost invisible on my face. Because my hair was no longer the way it should be, not that it wasn't nice anymore, but yeah... 

Arriving at the stop I am graciously greeted by an elderly man in his 60s or so. I think yes he may have been alone for a long time, so the more souls the merrier, so I nod and say good afternoon with a big smile. and take a seat under the shelter that, according to the settlers, should protect against the rain. And my hair just keeps absorbing more raindrops. hmm not nice. while I'm in my bag rummaging for my bus pass that gentleman keeps staring and I feel he keeps looking, so I think . I just say something,: Nice weather huh, and he says: yes not everyone is so happy with it, to which I answer: no that's right, me neither really, are you? yes , what do you do about it . At this moment I naturally start laughing again, smiling. not long after the bus arrives, the older man lets me get in first and I take a seat near the door. and he chats with the driver (men can also multitask :)

When he presses the button for his exit, he walks up to me and says, before he gets out with a sweet smile, what beautiful hair you have, is that real and before I can answer he greets politely, gets out and waves with a smile on his face.

and then I say : I'm angry because the rain is ruining my haircut but the older man is already fascinated with how my hair looks like it is. then my day can't get any better, because then I walk home even prouder than before and I don't even pay attention to the rain anymore. because my frizzy hair is perfect.