Frizzy hair for older ladies

Am I too old to go frizzy?

Good evening, I have a question: The turban you are selling is definitely not a microfiber tulip band? Is the turban you sell also good for drying your hair? If not, maybe you know where I can find his microfiber turban or something for drying hair for people who don't want to relax anymore?

going natural bam2014 Denise Bennet natural hair lg(I'm switching from relaxed to frizzy hair and also want to stop going under the dryer, his turban seemed like a good solution.) Or maybe you have another solution?

I would love to hear from you.
Thanks in advance,

Mrs. Kraal 

PS I am almost 55 years old. Will transformation still work? (in the sense of am I not too old for hair growth) Will my hair grow to normal length (just above the shoulders) with good care? I want to keep my hair length, and I'm definitely not thinking about cutting it. I ordered some products from you last week, and ordered more today and hope to take good care of my hair.
I look forward to your response.


Dear Mrs Kraal,

Going Natural clean start ComboFirst of all, thank you for your visit and your orders at I am always happy with new visitors and new customers, Welcome!

The Turban is not a Microfiber turban today. We sold it at the time, but unfortunately the company no longer exists. The Turban that is now available in the webshop is also not for absorbing water, but actually just for temporary use.

The simplest solution I have for drying my hair quickly is to tie a large absorbent towel on my head after washing. After about half an hour, getting dressed, brushing teeth, drinking tea so to speak, if I take it off, most of the water has already been absorbed. My hair is usually in 10 big twists and after an hour or 2 my hair is completely dry. Maybe you can try that too.

It's never too late to go frizzy. I know American women who started tressing their hair after their 40th birthday and they have very long thin sisterlocks. So you have to go through a difficult phase, but in my opinion the hair grows much better once you are frizzy. 

You don't have to cut the hair at all if you don't want to. I finally cut my hair myself after 2 years. That was mainly because I didn't really know what I was doing at the time, but still, it is possible. Back then I had a decent afro.

I've tried many braid hairstyles, from small motjo koumbas and bantus to extensions and cornrows. In addition to products, it is also important that you find hairstyles that suit you and that you feel comfortable during the transformation. As an example, a photo of Denise who was proud to be photographed on BAM Festival. Not only was she proud of her hair and hairstyle, she said the one is a breast cancer survivor. 

In Frizzy Hair Gallery there are many more hairstyles to see. There is bound to be some that you can try.

Products that should not be missed during a transformation are:

No More Knots: essential for undoing

Clean Start: Perfect for creating a clean start.

I hope this advice helps you on your way. Good luck whatever your decision!

Mireille Liong

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