Twist Out in Strong Curly Frizzy Hair

The twist out with strongly curled hair

I was born in Nigeria and I have hair type: O Very curly!! I wear braids regularly now, but I would like to try something different because I think my hair is long enough now to try something different.

Twist out with strongly curled hairMy name is Mercy van Laar and I am 15 years old. I was born in Nigeria and have hair type: O Strongly curly!! I now regularly wear braids, but I would like to try something different, because I think my hair is long enough now to try something different.

I really wanted to go straight, but reading all the stories on this site has definitely changed my mind! That's why I'd like to try The Twist Out, because I've seen how you can wear your hair with it in different ways. I don't know if that is possible with my hair type.

My hair is very frizzy and when my hair is wet it absorbs completely and cannot be combed. I do have problems with that combing, after I have washed my hair or have slept or the air is humid, there are an awful lot of tangles in it and until now I don't have the right means to get those tangles out, and to be able to comb my hair fairly smoothly. do you have something for that?

And I'm a girl who prefers not to spend too long in the morning in front of the mirror to get her hair GOOD for school :) So imagine I twist my hair, and I sleep on it, is it tangled the next day, or shouldn't I do anything about it?...

Should I twist my hair every day to avoid tangles, or just every week?..can I also wash my hair if I have twists?..

Also I wouldn't know what I need for that twist out, if I can do it at all. How do I get my hair combable, less dry, and less frizzy?... I have a lot of questions, but I hope you can help me.

Greetings Mercy


Dear Mercy,

Thank you for visiting and of course your question, which I am very happy with. Of course I am happy with your question because you have decided against relaxing, but also because it sounds like you are blessed with a lovely thick head of frizzy hair that many people are jealous of. Lurie Daniels is a friend of mine with hair like this and her photo was the highlight of my exhibition. Everyone unanimously agreed that the hair is simply beautiful. That photo was taken a few years ago, and Lurie's hair, who owns his own law firm in Manhattan, is much longer now.

If you also want to grow your hair nicely long, I suggest that you first learn how to untangle it and how to wash it. Never untangle the hair when it is dry, otherwise you risk breaking. Just spray a little bit No More Knots on the hair before detangling and you will notice that the comb or brush slides through the hair. If your hair is really thick I would also recommend the Knots Teezer because believe me, with this brush you will untangle the hair in half the time of using any other comb or brush.

To wash your hair I would start with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo recommend. I suspect that your hair feels dry because of product build-up. A lot of people use conditioners and hair grease together to make the hair soft, but what people don't know is that these products often leave behind residues that are difficult to wash out. That's why you need to do a deep cleansing treatment from time to time. You can do that with the Clean Start or with the detox conditioner.

Use a conditioner after you wash the hair and only then comb the hair if the conditioner is still in it. Do it in sections, not all of your hair at once. Take a part that just fits in your palm. Once it's free of tangles, make it a twist. This makes untying a lot easier and when your hair dries it won't be so tangled. Use a large, wide-toothed comb.

What is also very important is that you never go to sleep with your hair down. Make sure your hair is always in braids, twists, or just coiled so it doesn't get a chance to tangle when you sleep. It doesn't have to be very small twists. Just 6 to 12 big twists or braids is more than enough. That doesn't take much time and then you can do anything with your hair.

The twistout with your hair type is certainly possible. See Lurie's video. Her hair wasn't completely dry so it could be better, but at least you have an idea.

I am also the type that does not like to stand in front of the mirror for very long. That's why I invented an easy way to do a quick twist out. In the evening before going to sleep I make about 9 to 12 large twists with the hair milk. I brush the hair milk really well through the hair. I then make a braid of every three twists. So if I have 9 twists it will be 3 braids, if I have 12 twists it will be 4.

The next morning I can really just take out the braids and the twists within 10 minutes and viola, that's it. I don't have to comb anymore, just arrange my hair. Here you can read my detailed instructions Happy curls in frizzy hair and here you can watch Lurie's video.

Well, I hope this helped you on your way. Good luck with the twist out and send a picture if you want.


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