Frizzy hair in the Netherlands

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With my 87-year-old aunt who is not only very lively and independent, but also takes good care of me every time I'm there. 

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Update: Lots of orders! Most of it has already been shipped fortunately and now the promotion has been extended by 24 hours on request. 
An empty table! That's nice of course, but that means you can only get what's left. Some products are temporarily unavailable, but of course everything will be available to order again when I'm back in the States. There is enough stock for you. Now you prefer to order as soon as possible! Up is up. 
Code: Ship10


CODE: ship10

Just a nice promotion because I have to be in the Netherlands for a while this promotion: Free Shipping! With the above code you get a 10 euro discount, that means free shipping! When you enter the code when ordering, 10 euros will automatically be deducted from the order at checkout.

Instructions: Go to the Kroeshaar Webshop. Place the desired products in the delivery cart. Enter the code ship10 at the Discount code and then click on "Check out" to pay. 

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cassava soup

It is very nice to be here again because besides my aunt and family I also have super sweet, nice friends who take very good care of me. Want proof, see this delicious cassava soup! And now tell me, when was the last time you had a nice cassava soup?

All the fun on a stick, don't forget to order, the action is really only today. Click here to start shopping now.