Mireille with Obama

Barack Obama, America's 1st Black President?

Will the skinny boy with the funny last name become the 1st black president of the US?

Mireille with Obama

A friend of mine defined the difference between emigrating to the Netherlands and emigrating to America as follows: if you move to the Netherlands you remain Surinamese, if you move to America you become American. Now I am very proud of my roots, but when I first heard Barack Obama speak I really wanted to become an American right away.

His Key Note speech at the 2004 Democratic convention came straight from the heart and conquered black and white America, Democrats and Republicans, Muslims and Christians, Americans and non-Americans.

The skinny boy with the funny last name, as he called himself, is the son of a Kenyan intellectual and an American from Kansas. As if that wasn't diverse enough, he also grew up in Hawaii, Indonesia and America.

When, as a social worker in Chicago, he discovered that he needed more knowledge to actually realize change, he went to the prestigious Harvard University. He made history there. Obama became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review.

After his already historic speech, Barack won the race for the US Senate with flying colors. Remarkably, this gifted speaker was immediately tipped as a suitable candidate for the presidency of the United States. Modest as he is and gifted with an intelligent sense of humor and self-mockery, Obama declared that he should probably, like all other newcomers, be serving coffee in the Senate for the first year. Less than 3 years later, the people seemed to be asking him to run for the presidency. For a while he kept America in suspense.

Since he went through his website http://www.barackobama.com/ announced his first steps into the White House, his star seems only rising. He is number two in the Pollieke arrows, not far after Hillary Clinton who has invested incomparably more time and millions in her political career. There is no serious program that Obama doesn't discuss and raise a lot of questions. Wouldn't he be too young and have too little experience, but above all, is America "ready" for a black president?

The road to the presidency is paved with such political sparring that the most sincere people get lost. The lack of experience should therefore not be underestimated.

Yet you only need to see Barack Obama in action once to clear all doubts. Not only is he genius and sincere, he's also charismatic and real. An astonishingly impressive combination. His ability to bring together two opposing parties that are just barely in each other's hair is also exceptional. At such moments color, background and religion fade.

That's why I don't worry about the blackness of this unique man. His aura clearly outclasses any form of racism. It makes me firmly believe that if Senator Barack Obama actually runs for the presidency, the States of America will be united and ready for their first black President.

Read his biography: Dreams from my father.