No to Rape

Bill Cosby; Accusations, Sexism and Racism

Bil Cosby, the once immensely popular comedian/actor made famous by the groundbreaking Cosby Show, is silent in all languages. The man who accused his own Black people of failing to raise their children now seems to have so much butter on his head that he says nothing.

the Janitor

Hardly a day goes by that he is not accused by a woman who claims to have at least been mistreated by Mr Cosby. For a lot of people, men and women, it's hard to digest, let alone believe and accept that their hero, the man they admired for breaking the stereotype of poor Black people once and for all. , has been able to do the things the women accuse him of.

In the meantime, no fewer than 13 women have come forward, almost all of whom say more or less the same thing. The absolutely perfect TV dad invited the ladies who were around 20 at the time for private sessions and that's where it happened.

Now I am aware that those stories have been around for a while, only they are now becoming more persistent. I even thought I read that Mr Cosby had come to an agreement with the victims. That should have been the end of the case, case closed. But why did it only get worse?

Surprisingly, the claims come at a time when the comedian has planned a comeback. It can hardly be more transparent. Someone clearly wants to put a stop to that. That's nothing new, it's been that way for years.

What makes this case interesting for me are the reactions surrounding the whole event. Many of my American Facebook friends now admit that this is not fun, but that they have never doubted the women. That also seems clear to me.

There is no normal woman who would accuse a man of rape. Note the word "normal" and the worst part is that I have to emphasize that, because the tendency is that when a woman tells that she has been raped, she is looked at with the neck and hardly believed in the first place. There must be an agenda behind it. She definitely wants money. Please note. We are not talking about a Muslim country. We are talking about the developed Western world here. The world we live in where women supposedly have as many rights as men. Why is it then that a woman who claims to have been raped is almost immediately called a liar or profiteer? This is sick in my opinion! It is the reason why so many women do not dare to report rape.

I was furious after reading an opinion piece in the NRC on DSK that raped a woman here in New York. One woman, mind you a woman, literally put herself in the rapist's shoes and wondered how he must feel when it came to a "not so pretty" woman. My blood boiled! If this well-traveled columnist had known her history even a little, she would have realized that Black women had been raped dozens of times before they were sold into slavery. But I digress. Cosby is accused of knowingly abusing young girls.

What I have a terrible time with is the reaction of especially women who claim that this is about racism. We live in a society that does not give a Black man anything and will not leave anything to drag him through the mud and destroy him, is their reasoning. According to them Bill Cosby is a victim.

When it comes to a black person, it seems almost impossible not to include racism, but in my opinion this case has nothing at all, but also EVERYTHING has nothing to do with racism.

It's very simple, Bill Cosby is a man of flesh and blood. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and so many of his cornuits at the time, Cosby took advantage of his status and unfortunately plenty of women have fallen victim to it. He's not the first and won't be the last. It happens everywhere, in all countries, in every culture, which is a huge mistake to release these types of men, especially because of their status.

The last thing Bill Cosby and men like him need are women defending their behavior. C'mon people! These are men! Men we adore.

These men not only have privileges, they also have duties and responsibilities and if they are really but also a little man they will not fail to take responsibility for their actions.

Bill Cosby created the mess himself, no one made him do it. He certainly doesn't need a woman to clean things up for him. There is no excuse for me to rape a woman.

As a Black woman you can count on me when it comes to racism or other social issues. Even when it comes to visitation arrangements with the kids, I am willing to stand up for you if I believe that the arrangements made are unfair. However, when it comes to rape, you are on your own.