Dancing with frizzy hair

Is dancing with frizzy hair allowed?

Dancing with frizzy hair

Dancing with frizzy hair

A dance school should not force students with frizzy hair to wear their hair in a smooth bun. This is apparent from a ruling by the Equal Treatment Commission (CGB), which was published this week.

The title alone seems to suggest that we should be glad that frizzy hair is accepted in this case. The fact that the CGB had to be called in here also indicates that we still have a long way to go. Here's the rest of the message:

The mother of a 12-year-old girl had brought the case against a dance school in The Hague last year. The institution uses the guideline that the hair of the dancers in classical ballet must be worn in a bun. The student in question has frizzy hair and usually wears it in pigtails.

Braided hair

The girl showed up at ballet classes with her braided hair up in a bun. The dance school therefore denied her access to the classes as long as she did not wear her hair in a smooth bun.

Prescribed guidelines

According to the student and her mother, it takes too much time to get the frizzy hair into a smooth bun without braids. They did offer to edit the hair for performances and official events of the ballet school. But the dance school found that insufficient, because other students with frizzy hair would meet the prescribed guidelines.


So it is not that the mother does not respect the guidelines and does not want to comply with them. Her daughter's hair has to be pulled back in a bun so she does it with her daughter's naturally curly hair. Only the hair is not smooth, so it is not satisfactory. 

I do not believe that the Royal Conservatoire realizes that it is discriminating against this. Frizzy hair belongs to black people and the message can only be interpreted as: the hair does not meet our guidelines, it is not good enough.

Examples of frizzy haircuts that do not comply?

What if the daughter had nice long dreadlocks? Should she cut her hair because it was too I don't know? Isn't that discrimination against a 12 year old girl with beautiful long blond smooth hair? What if she had a bunch of curls? Would that be good enough?

I also don't believe that the agency realizes what it means to straighten the hair of a 12-year-old girl. Not only does she run the risk of getting burns on her head, the chance that the hair will break is very high, especially because the smoothed hair becomes frizzy again very quickly due to sweating. Half frizzy, half straightened hair is the most fragile thing there is and the vicious circle that many a frizzy woman has to deal with can begin.

How glad I am that this lady went to the committee to prove her point and did not slavishly try to comply with the prescribed rules of such a pretentious institution, as most of us do. One of the most common arguments why women straighten out is that they think that frizzy hair is not acceptable in their position.

Don't get me wrong, as a mother you certainly have the free right to relax your own hair or your daughter's hair at the age of 12, but no authority in the world has the right to instruct you to straighten your child's hair because otherwise it will not suffice. It's time for change.

We black women have spent too long trying to conform to a standard that we can barely live up to. The price we have to pay is high, very high. 73% of curly-haired women suffer from hair breakage and hair loss as a result of de-frizzers. We prefer not to talk about this because it is far too complicated and too painful. But if we want change to come, we will have to stand up for ourselves, just like this lady.

Not for anyonealthough I have been advocating the Frizzy Hair Etiquette for years. People who are not born with frizzy hair often don't understand the problem and you can't blame them for that. But also black people often do not understand the root of the problem. I would like to, therefore, very gladly lend my cooperation to companies and organizations that want to learn about frizzy hair what they can expect and the rules they can use, because as any white mother of a black adopted or a double-blooded daughter can confirm; frizzy hair is different.

For more info about the Frizzy Hair Etiquette Course; take contact kroeshaar.com.


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