15 Years of Frizzy Hair!

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On March 15, it was exactly XNUMX years ago that the book 'Kroeshaar, What you need to know and more' was presented in a crowded Koningskerk in Amsterdam. Although the first edition sold out within a month, even Conserve Publishers could not have predicted what kind of revolution the very first book about Frizzy Hair would cause.

Publication of the book KroeshaarBook signing Kroeshaar what you need to know and more
Book sales and signing. Click for Photo report 

Internet Pioneer

The writer Dr. Mireille Liong, originally from Computer Science, developed the website Kroeshaar.com months before the day of publication. This made Liong not only the very first writer with his own website, kroeshaar.com also became the first website where you could pre-order a book.

Besides being the first hair care website, the site quickly developed into the very first e-commerce beauty shop in the Netherlands.

In 2003, the frizzy hair webshop was way ahead of its time with offering beauty products from America. In an era when payment systems such as paypal and iDeal had not yet been developed in the Netherlands, kroeshaar.com was already processing international orders online.

Very First Frizzy Hair Shop
This is what the very first Kroeshaar Webshop looked like. 

Visible social changes

The social changes that have brought about the book 'Kroeshaar, what you need to know and more' and the accompanying website are now 15 years later, clearly visible. Where you used to hardly see Afros, curls and braids, these hairstyles can now be seen in all lengths, colors and scents in the streets, especially in the multicultural Netherlands.

Even the range of products on the hair care shelves has become more diverse. With her own brand Going Natural, available in America, Dio Drogist Suriname and online, the writer also contributes in this area to the social changes that frizzy hair entails.

Frizzy hair still has a long way to go

Although the developments are going in the right direction, according to the writer and Internet Entrepreneur, a lot still needs to be done.

When it comes to frizzy hair, even in this new millennium, the laws are based on stereotypes. The reality is that Dreadlocks are just as extreme for smooth hair as smooth hair is extreme for frizzy hair.

Dreadlocks are just as extreme for smooth hair as smooth hair is extreme for frizzy hair.

A braid that naturally stays in frizzy hair will come loose in smooth hair if not secured with a rubber band. That's simply because the hair types are so fundamentally different.

For that reason alone, the etiquette for smooth hair can never be the same as for frizzy hair. However, according to the writer, it will take years before the penny really falls.

Until then, Black people remain the only race on the planet that does not have the basic human right to wear frizzy hair naturally. To wear haircuts such as dreadlocks in a work environment, one often has to get it right in court, with all the consequences that entails.

As many as 73% of Black women suffer from hair breakage and hair loss, as a result of straightening and weaving, in the pursuit of meeting the prevailing standard based on European hair.

Anniversary action and celebration

With the ultimate goal of healthy hair for Black women worldwide, Liong continues to use innovative technological developments in her way, to continue to raise awareness.

For the 15th anniversary, the Surinamese who has lived in America for years, will go live via Facebook, giving away free products from the newly developed international marketplace for frizzy hair and curls, Whatnaturalslove.com

The 10th anniversary of America's Next Natural Model, the online pageant that Liong has set up to promote the beauty of frizzy hair, is being celebrated with a real life trip to Suriname.

In addition to a photo shoot in the Feng Shui Garden in Suriname, the winner of America's Next Natural Model will show the country from her point of view through live reports, photo and video shoots, via social media.

Kroeshaar, What you need to know and more is available in all well-stocked bookstores and via bol.com.

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