Mireille Liong, IT Professional, Author and Social Entrepreneur

Mireille Liong, Women from IT, Social Entrepreneurdrs. Mireille Liong-A-Kong; 
IT-er, Author and Social Entrepreneur

drs. Mireille Liong-A-Kong was not only the first Surinamese with a commercial website, but also the first entrepreneur in the Netherlands to debut with a book and a webshop.

Although she studied Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam and has more than 50 websites to her name, Liong-A-Kong is more known as the pioneer of the digital frizzy hair industry, both in Suriname, the Netherlands and the United States.
The bad experience with relaxer-induced-alopecia, hair loss due to the use of relaxers, inspired Liong to dedicate her IT experience to improving the hair and scalp condition of Black women worldwide. The fact that as many as 73% of Black women suffer from this form of hair loss, was the motivation for the Social Entrepreneur to highlight the social injustice behind these figures.

With the aim of changing the perception of frizzy hair for the better, Liong wrote the Amazon bestseller Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair and designed them Going-Natural.com, the oldest online social network in the field of frizzy hair, has now grown into a portal with a following of more than 80,000 members, fans and followers.

To promote the beauty of natural hair, Liong begon America's Next Natural Model, the first-ever online beauty pageant for Black Hair in 2008 that successfully modeled for years.

To literally create a different image of frizzy hair and curls, the Surinamese who grew up in Wageningen produced, "Bad Hair Uprooted", an exhibition that has only expanded its international fame.

As a pioneer who has been at the start of the online natural hair movevent, Liong continued with "The Going Natural Video Diaries", a documentary that highlights the growing natural hair movement.

To support women with hair care, Liong has specially developed the Going Natural hair care line developed therapeutically based on and with understanding for all types of frizzy hair.

Except that Liong as an entrepreneur by WABC TV in New york for the program Here and Now interviewed, she has also been awarded several times. In 2005 she received the MGB Global Watch Community Outreach Award from Ambassador Loemban Tobin and in 2014 from the Sankofa Community Empowerment in Brooklyn, the Kuumba Award. 

To help other entrepreneurs from the Black Hair industry to be successful in this new Internet era, Liong's has expanded its webshop into a marketplace; Whatnaturalslove.com Black Hair offers products from entrepreneurs worldwide as well as fashion from the Diaspora.